Project 3 - Week 3

Project 3 – Week 3

For Week 3 I plan to do research on commercial planes and make a 3D model of one for concept piece.


I began Week 3 by doing research on commercial planes throughout history, and their importance.

I looked into the first commercial flights, being the Zeppelin, it was designed for basic transportation of a large amount of people and or cargo, unfortunately it didn’t go to plan in use as it crashed on the May 6, 1937, in Manchester Township, New Jersey, United States. The accident caused 35 fatalities (13 passengers and 22 crewmen) from the 97 people on board (36 passengers and 61 crewmen), and an additional fatality on the ground.

I then continued looking into commercial flights, looking at more modern types of flight, at planes such as the Boeing 747, a well known world class commercial jet dating back to 1969 when it had its first flight.

Looking further into the Boeing 747, I researched into the actual history of the Plane itself aswell as Notable events to do with the Jet itself.

Notable Events.
1963The U.S. air-force commissions studies into a large transport aircraft capable of carrying over-sized cargo which cannot be accommodated by aircraft of the day.
March 1964The outcome of the Air-force study was a requirement for the CX-HLS(Heavy Logistics System).
1965Lockheed and General Electric are given the military contract to build the C5 Galaxy.
1965Design study begins on a new airliner already designated 747. Pan Am and other airlines are invited to share their requirements.
April 1966Pan Am orders 25 Boeing 747 100s on Boeings 50th anniversary.
1966Boeing, Pan Am and Pratt and Whitney initiate the development of the JT9D engine for the 747.
30 Sep 1968The first 747 was rolled out of the Everett plant in front of the press.
09 Feb 1969The Boeing 747 made its maiden flight which had very pleasing results.
13 Dec 1968One of the test aircraft was damaged when landing short at Renton. The outer landing gear was torn off as well as damage to two engine nacelles.
1969Boeing took a 747 to the 28th Paris airshow where it was shown to the public for the first time.
Dec 1969Boeing was awarded its FAA airworthiness certificate. The 747 was ready for commercial operations.
15 Jan 1970The first delivery 747 for Pan am was christened by First Lady Pat Nixon. she was named Clipper Victor.
22 Jan 1970Pan Ams’ inaugural 747 flight took place from New York to London. It was delayed from the 21st of Jan due to engine overheating.
Feb 1971The Boeing 747 200 was introduced into service. With more powerful engines and a greater Maximum Takeoff Weight, this variant had achieved a range of 6,000NM/11,000Km making it viable on international routes previously not possible with the 747 100.
03 Aug 1973The first 747 100SR short range high seating capacity aircraft for Japan Airlines domestic market was rolled out.
17 Jun 1975Boeing announced that the Rolls Royce RB211-524B would be an alternative choice of power-plant on the 747 200.
1976The 747 SP was introduced into service. This variant was 48feet 4 In / 14.73M shorter than the 747 100 and was delivered to Pan Am and Iran Air in the same year. It operated the Tehran to New York route which was then the longest non-stop route.
21 Dec 1978ANA (All Nippon Airways) received their first 747 100BSR a further development of the 747 100SR. This variant had a great Maximum Takeoff weight and it was strengthened for a high cycle (takeoff and landings) versus flying time ratio.
20 Jun 1979First flight of the 747 100B which used the stronger air-frame of the 747 100SR with added fuel capacity to allow for a range of 5,000NM/9,300Km.
11 Jun 1980Swissair places an order for the first Boeing 747 300
05 Oct 1982Maiden flight of the Boeing Boeing 747 300
23 Mar 1983Swissair takes delivery of their first Boeing 747 300
1985Work begins on the design of the Boeing 747 400.
26 Feb 1986Maiden flight of the Boeing 747 100BSR, a high capacity variant with a stretched upper deck as added to the later 747 300.
Feb 1989The 747 400 enters service with Northwest Airlines on the Minneapolis to Phoenix route.
Sep 1989The 747 400 combi version enters service with KLM.
Sep 1990The last 747 300 is delivered to Sabena.
Nov 2002The 747 400ER enters service with QANTAS
Apr 2005The final 747 400 is delivered to China Airlines
14 Nov 2005Boeing announces plans for the Boeing 747 8

[Practical Skills]

I had a lot of problems starting with the Boeing 747 concept piece, starting with whether or not I should use Magicavoxel to model it, as it can be quite restricting with models like this, I considered blender as a starting point while using a tutorial to help the process.


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